Christin Björk is a Swedish artist with a traditional painting background and an imaginative painter driven by classical beauty. She has created her own imaginary world that is grounded in a place where animals have a natural place in our interpersonal relationships.


The underlying thread that connects all the characters is that they see themselves with humour and self-confidence. This comes from the life choices we all make day to day that shape who we are and how we live our lives. Christine's love of the traditional craft of painting along with her love of animals, human behaviour and fairy tales has formed a unique way of creating a link between the subculture art styles and the finer world of classical art.


Using oil and acrylic paint and simple textures on linen, she has created portraits from an alternate universe that may or may not seem to exist. Her work is about identity and remembrance, with a hidden commentary on human behaviour and how we treat ourselves and others.

Represented by:

Artely Market, Stockholm
NOA Gallery, Stockholm
Drottnings Silvias Barnsjukhus
Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa
Asia Spa Varberg
The Perfect World Foundation
Handelsbankens Konstförening
Calderys Konstförening
Lindex Konstförening
Sankt Jörgen Park Resort
Xelera Communication
Higabs Konstförening
Bostads Bolagets Konstförening

Represented in private collections in:

Sweden, Norway, Mexico, France, England, Italy, Netherlands, USA, India, Canada.


2023 Partille Slott Gallery, Partille

2021 Nolhaga Slott Gallery, Alingsås
2020 Sjömagasinet, Gothenburg
2019 Swea Hof Gallery, Gothenburg
2019 The Gallery Gothia, Gothenburg
2018 SC Gallery, Gothenburg
2016 The Gallery, Gothia, Gothenburg
2015 Taras Hall Art Gallery, Partille Gothenburg
2015 Floor 3 Gallery, Gothenburg
2014 Gallery Lifestyle Concept
2014 Gallery Anglais, Stockholm
2013 Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg
2013 Elite Park Avenue Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg
2012 Magnus & Magnus, M2, Gothenburg
2012 Nääs Fabrikers Hotel Gallery, Tollered
2012 Gallery Långedrag, Gothenburg
2012 Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg
2011 Gallery Arken , Gothenburg
2011 Gallery Långedrag, Gothenburg
2010 Art Now Gallery, Gothenburg
2010 Spring Salon Alingsås Art Gallery
2010 Brand Design Center, Gothenburg
2009 Brand Design Center, Gothenburg
2009 Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg
2008 Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg
2007 Elite Plaza Hotel Gallery, Gothenburg
2006 Art Gallery, Stockholm
2006 Haga Gallery, Gothenburg
2005 Art Gallery, Stockholm
2005 InterArt Gallery, Gothenburg
2004 BQ of Sweden, Stockholm
2004 Art Gallery, Stockholm
2004 Art Se, Stockholm
2003 Wanselius Gallery, Gothenburg
2001 Lindholmen, Kulturdagarna, Gothenburg
2001 Lindholmen, Patricia, Gothenburg
1986 Vårsalongen, Karlskoga Art Gallery


1986-2024 Portrait orders, Private individuals 

2018 The Perfect World Foundation, "Polar Bear Ball 2018"
2016 The Perfect World Foundation, "Save the Ocean Ball 2017"
2015 The Perfect World Foundation, "Save the Elephant 2015"
2014 The Perfect World Foundation, "Save the Rhino Ball 2014"
2014 Queen Silvia's Children's Hospital
1999 SVT Göteborg/ Göteborgs Operan, Attribute painter
1998 Poseidon Göteborg, Decorative painting
1997 Svenska Mässan Göteborg, Portrait painting

TODO: Eat. Sleep. Paint. Repeat.


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