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This Cookie Policy describes how Art by Christin Björk, Lygnövägen 75B, 44 195 Alingsås, ("Art by Christin Björk", "we" or "us"), uses cookies and similar technologies to collect and store information when you visit our website For further information regarding the processing of your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

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Art by Christin Björk uses cookies on the Site in order to provide you with the e-commerce service, customer communication via chat/email forms, to study how you use the Site and to display advertisements on other websites/social media that we believe are relevant to you.

What is a cookie?

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If you choose to block the use of all cookies, many of our web services will not be available. In particular, you will not be able to use the e-commerce function (ordering, payment, etc.), the chat or the e-mail form available on the Site. However, functions such as reading information on the Site, viewing products, seeing prices and other related information will be possible even if the use of cookies is blocked.


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